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Creative ideas to teach kids about thrifting

Creative ideas to teach kids about thrifting

  1. Start by explaining the concept of thrifting: Explain to kids that thrifting is the act of buying second-hand items from thrift stores, garage sales, or online platforms to reduce waste and save money. I also refer to the items as preloved. You can give examples of the types of items that people can find while thrifting such as clothes, toys, books, collectibles, antiques, vintage items,electronics, and more.  You can gear it towards their interests. 

  2. Create a scavenger hunt: Make a list of items that the kids need to find while thrifting, such as a red sweater, a wooden toy, or a book about animals. You can offer a small reward or prize to the child who finds all the items on the list.

  3. Turn it into a game: Play a game of "thrift store challenge" where kids have a set budget and must find a complete outfit or set of items for a specific purpose, like a Halloween costume or a school project. Encourage them to get creative and think outside the box. It can even just be an outfit for themselves or someone else. 

  4. Talk about the benefits: Explain to kids how thrifting is good for the environment and can help reduce waste. Show them how buying second-hand items can also save money, and talk about how that money could be used for other things.

  5. DIY projects: Challenge kids to repurpose or upcycle thrifted items. For example, they could turn a thrifted sweater into a stuffed animal or use old clothes to create a quilt or a new piece of clothing. A fun project is making a basic color pair of sneakers a vibrant, fun pair. 

  6. Teach them about donating: Encourage kids to donate their own items to thrift stores instead of throwing them away. Explain how donating can help others who may not have as much and can also reduce waste. It can also help resellers to make some extra money. Explain to them how there is enough to go around. 

  7. Make it a regular activity: Take kids to thrift stores regularly and encourage them to look for items they need or want. By doing this, they will learn to appreciate the value of second-hand items and understand that thrifting can be a fun and sustainable way to shop.

  8.  Another great idea would be to explain to them that most thrift stores, at leas the non-profit have volunteers only so they need to pick up after themselves.If they enjoy thrifting a lot they can also volunteer when they get older. 
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